It has been anything but quiet since Jamion Christian took over as the Siena Saints' Head Coach for the Men's Basketball team. There are more questions than answer for the immediate future and fans aren't exactly sure what to expect. That being said you'd never know it speaking to Christian. He's cool, calm and collected. Which I find ironic considering the one thing we do know is he's bringing an up tempo style of Basketball to Loundenville known as Mayhem.

With the season starting Tuesday, November 6th at Providence Coach Christian seems excited and optimistic yet holds on to the reality that the full version of his "Mayhem" won't be 100% ready and on display. Many fans are excited to see the new version of Siena Men's Basketball and hoping to be pleasantly surprised. It's no surprise Christian won't look ahead of his next match up but listen to the interview and his Halloween movie selection night just shock you. It definitely caught me off guard.

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