Siena Saints Men's Basketball Head Coach Jamion Christian has shared many of his inspirational, motivational and technical ideas since he came to the Capital Region. Things like Mayhem and meditation have had immediate impacts both with the team and the Fan base. Recently Coach Christian has had local boxer Shawn Miller speak to the team to hammer home his message to "finish the fight." He's even started awarded a robe to the player of the game. So we needed to know have any of these ideas ever missed the mark?

Just like any other question Coach answered honestly, sharing a story of Spaghetti. Spaghetti was not an auto correct. Christian was trying to make a point about change and finding strength together but he thinks his point was missed. Funny thing is when Christian thought about it they won that season so who knows maybe spaghetti will make it's return after all. Listen to coaches full interview here.

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