Former Siena Saints' Forward Brett Bisping is going to play professional basketball in Sweden beginning September 1st. That isn't the first time Bisping will compete after graduating from Siena. Brett Bisping will be part of a winner take all $2 million basketball tournament featuring 64 teams. Among those teams will be Bisping's Peoria All Satars. You can watch him play this Saturday on ESPN 3.

Bisping has been busy since leaving Siena. He got married on June 4 to former Saints cheerleader Dana Sauer. Former Siena guard Ryan Oliver was in his wedding party and ex-teammates Rob Poole and Jimmy Merrill attended.

We asked Brett waht was more nerve wracking, playing for a MAAC Title or $2 million? It might shock you that even with potentially $167,000 on the line he was more stressed by the MAAC.

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