Elijah Burns' size and skill are going to be big factors for Siena. Not until the fall of 2019 though it appears. The hurdle for immediate eligibility is four games. That's what Burns played for Notre Dame this season.

Burns arrived at Siena in the middle of December after he had completed all of his fall semester courses and final exams at Notre Dame clearing him for graduation and free to seek out a graduate program where he could also play one more year of college basketball. The hope, however, was that the NCAA might make an exception for Burns who is returning home to play at Siena after very minimal action for the Fighting Irish this season.

There are two NCAA rules in play. Two rules which apply to Burns, but also contradict one another. As a grad transfer, under NCAA regulations, Burns is eligible to play "immediately." However, there is also a rule against players appearing in games for multiple teams in the same season. So, which rule should ultimately win out? In the case of Elijah Burns, it's the latter.

Siena will appeal the NCAA decision to deny Burns immediate eligibility in the MAAC schedule and at the very worst, head coach Jamion Christian will have the Troy native ready for the start of the 2019-'20 season.

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