What seemed like a great bet two weeks ago turned into a really bad fashion statement today!

I made a friendly wager with Brian Noe (Host, The Noe Show) just before the Kansas City Chiefs/Baltimore Ravens playoff game.  

If I had won the bet, Noe would have to avoid wearing black for an entire week (he's got a thing for wearing all black - perhaps he's an Elvira fan).  If I had lost the bet, I would have to wear my clothes backwards for a day.

I took the Chiefs, and well - you know how that ended. 

So I've been walking around the station the entire day looking like an early 90's hip-hop artist (that, or a guy with serious fashion issues).   Yes, I went all Kris-Kross in 2011.



I've got to say, this look is quite uncomfortable.  But I'm a man of my word and I held up my end of the bet.  Enjoy the photos!!

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