Obviously, last night's game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks was a travesty. Lost in all of the replacement official blasting, was the fact that the Packers, a 2.5 point favorite in the game, went from being a winning bet to a losing bet on the miscalled final play.

Most sports books, understandably, took the money and ran after the game was over. However, sportsbook.com decided to do right by its customers and refund the money players spent wagering on Green Bay.

This is a great move for two reasons. First of all, the site is getting all kinds of good publicity (like this article!) by paying the bets back, thus bringing in more business in the future. Secondly, they just flat out made a move that was fair to its players, a rarity in the sports betting world given the fact that players are generally at the mercy of books due to the less than legal nature of the practice.

Our hats go off to you, sportsbook.com. Thank you for having a heart, unlike those darn replacement officials.

Unfortunately, you have to live outside of the United States to receive the refund. The US must be using replacement refunders.


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