A sports memorabilia piece with local Upstate New York ties will be hitting auction from Lelands sports later this month. A Lou Gehrig signed envelope postmarked from Windham, NY, being offered as part of the Lelands.com Invitational Auction, which runs through Aug. 17. Below is the full description from Lelands' auction site.

Items like this don't pop up too often, so it's neat to see one going up for auction in 2018. I'm going to guess the going rate for this one is a little outside of my range though.

Just like the scene in Miracle on 34th street when the letters addressed to Santa Claus were sent to the courthouse, this letter was sent simply to "Baseball's Iron Man" and amazingly got to its intended recipient, Lou Gehrig. The Iron Horse did indeed sign the envelope, which reads "Slit Envelope" on the back.


Gehrig's signature on the envelope rates a perfect 10 PSA autograph grade, and the envelope has been slabbed by PSA. Comes with a letter from JSA as well. It reads "Best Wishes John, Lou Gehrig" in the top left corner. An exceptional specimen for any Johns out there and even those that can't make the spurious claim that the message was actually intended for them.

How much would you bid for this piece of memorabilia? Let us know below. (information provided by Adam Miller)

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