One of the Washington Nationals young stars inked a huge contract extension on Monday. No, it was not Bryce Harper.

Right-handed pitcher Stephen Strasburg has reportedly signed a 7-year/$175 million deal to stay in Washington. This means that perhaps one of the top free agents that would be on the market next season is off the market.

Strasburg's deal contains a rolling opt-out clause that allows him to get out of the deal should he chose so after the 3rd or 4th year. With bonuses he has a chance to make a total of $181 million.

This deal is reminiscent of the one Felix Hernandez received in February of 2013, but there is one major difference. When Hernandez got his deal he already had five seasons under his belt where he pitched 200 innings or more. Strasburg has only one such season.

Do you think Strasburg is worth the money?

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