After 19 seasons, Derek Jeter is going to call it quits after his 20th.

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Longtime New York Yankee Darryl Strawberry commented on the difficulty of knowing when your time is done in the sports world.

"It's hard for any athlete," said Strawberry. "And I think for Jeter too as much as anybody else.

"After having the injuries, you come to the point where you look at getting up every day and trying to train and preparation. It gets harder when you start having injuries and you can't get up and get motivated like you used to. It comes to a reality of moving on."

Jeter has talked about how he has a lot more things that he wants to do in his life.

"It's very hard for players to cross over," said Strawberry. "Jeter is a guy that can cross over. I know he's very content with what he accomplished as a player. He has championships and everything else that comes with that.

"He's done it in the greatest place of all-time and he's had one uniform on doing and that's the New York Yankees. You couldn't get any better than that."

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