This is like taking candy from a baby Capital Region.  This is such a lock, I should actually feel guilty for taking part in this bet with YNN's Marisa Jacques.

YNN's Marisa Jacques filled in for Brian Sinkoff on Wednesday.  Marisa is smart and knows her stuff, so her horrible prediction took me by surprise.

Marisa is betting on the Seattle Seahawks to beat the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on Sunday.  Yes, the Seahawks beat the Saints in Seattle last weekend.  This game isn't in Seattle though.  The Seahawks are still a sub-.500 team.  The Seahawks are a 10-point underdog.  I'll bet on the Bears outright all day long.

I had to maximize the value of this crazy prediction by suggesting a bet.  Marisa agreed to take part which was music to my ears.

If I win (check that) when I win, Marisa will get me a gift card to eat at Red Lobster.  If Marisa wins (which won't happen) I would have to get her a gift card to eat at Verdile's.

The shrimp scampi at Red Lobster will taste even better knowing that Marisa lost a bet.  Bear Down baby!!  Go Bears!