Let me see if I have this correct. Several ex-NFL players are suing the league because of concussions? This to me is like a fireman suing cause they have to face heat and smoke. Isn't this part of the territory former players? I don't mean to sound un-sympathetic towards the former players and I feel for their health issues but don't you accept certain risks with any profession? Of course you do. Heck everyone knows the NFL is a dangerous game which is why careers are short, contracts are large and injuries happen, even life altering serious injury.

Again I don't mean to sound cold or uncaring but to say the NFL decieved players as to the risks incurred with playing the game seems like a wild accusation and a baseless lawsuit. Former Dolphin players Orande Gadsden and Patrick Surtain were umung a group of players that also included former Packers RB Dorsey Levens and a few others to sue the league this week claiming the NFL hid for years the link between concussions and long term neurological problems. The NFL denies the charges as well they should. I don't need anyone to tell me when 2 cars collide that there will be major damage done and just about every tackle or play in the NFL can be compared to a car crash with people slamming into each other.

When these players claim the NFL hid this info I say what do you mean hid the info. Who doesn't know that constant slamming of your head against an object will jar your brain and possibly cause damage. These players I imagine watched football when they were growing up and saw violence and yet they wanted to be a part of it. In fact not 1 player has retired since these lawsuits were filed so I assume they all know the risks involved.

These lawsuits also represent a bigger issue in American society today. No one takes responsibility for anything anymore. Any pitfall or setback that comes is always someone else's fault never those involved. Every day brings inherent risk even in the shower or driving your car or listening to music loudly. Every job has risk be it a teacher,candle maker, police officer, soldier, talk show host etc etc etc. The NFL is a dangerous game and a dangerous profession. I have worked with several NFL players who went from the field to the broadcasting arena and thankfully they seem to be in good health at this time but they have all said in our discussions they knew risk was involved when the subject came up. Anyone watching at home sees the violence and the bodies crashing. I think this is a major reason why I believe most fans don't argue too much about the salaries players command. I know I don't. Oh sure we might debate whether a player is worth X but that's mostly from a production standpoint. I bet if you researched the word greedy athlete very rarely will you see that tag associated with NFL players

I don't see this lawsuit going anyplace but then again I didn't see a woman winning a lawsuit after burning herself after spilling coffee on her lap and claiming it was too hot. She did win that lawsuit as crazy as it was so you never know. I wish these players good health and long life but to me any health issues that resulted from their playing the game is their own issue to deal with and saying the NFL is culpable is ridiculous

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