Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari was very opinionated about Duke’s defensive strategy on Tuesday night.

The #9 Duke Blue Devils were able to beat the #3 Kentucky Wildcats 75-68 on Tuesday night.  During halftime of the game, John Calipari made some pointed comments toward the Dukies.  Calipari told ESPN’s Andy Katz that Duke was flopping around all over the place.  He also said that if Duke played in the NBA that they’d all be suspended.

I love these comments by Calipari.  Of course, he’s being a coach by simply over exaggerating just how much flopping Duke was doing.  Was there some?  Sure.  Was there that much?  No.

I love Calipari’s joke about Duke players being suspended if they played in the NBA though.  That was hilarious.  The NBA has a new rule to punish repeated floppers.  Players might be suspended if they’re found guilty of flopping repeatedly.

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