SB50 Advantage: QB
Perhaps the matchup most people are looking forward to is the quarterback duel between Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning and Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton. The two have very contrasting quarterback styles with Manning being more of a pocket passer, while Newton is a passer, who has the ability…
Broncos Send Rookie Home
The Denver Broncos have sent home rookie Ryan Murphy after he and his brother were detained and questioned Tuesday as part of a prostitution sting operation in San Jose, California.
Even though Murphy was released and not charged for any wrongdoing, the Broncos still sent him home...
Browns To Release Manziel
The Cleveland Browns are finally giving up on the chances, or lack thereof, that Johnny Manziel would be their next franchise quarterback. The 22nd overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, Manziel claimed on draft night that he would "wreck this league," but in essence all he did w…
Panthers TE Greg Olsen Talks Long Road to SB50
Panthers TE Greg Olsen has had a long and difficult path that has finally led him to playing in a Super Bowl. Outside of football, Olsen has had his rough times with his family. Olsen's 3-year old son, TJ, suffers from a rare heart condition in where the left side of his heart is underdeveloped…
What Can Levack and Brady Do in San Fran? (AUDIO)
As Levack and I prepare to arrive in San Francisco for Super Bowl 50, we are wondering, beside work, what can we do?
It's my goal to meet Buster Posey and see the 'Full House' house. Levack wants to hit up the great parties of Super Bowl week...
Afflalo: "We're a Playoff Team, Period."
The New York Knicks have vastly improved from last season's abysmal performance. So much so that the players believe they can compete in the playoffs. Knicks shooting guard Arron Afflalo believes this team is ready to take the next step.
My Least Favorite Days of the Year
Sure, the players change. The positions in the standings change. The years change. But it doesn't matter.
I still hate these days.
The days that I, the exiled-to-the-Northeast Mariners fan have to watch my team host the Yankees.
I don't hate the Yankees...
NFL Draft Prospect Joins Levack
Fresh off winning a national championship with the Ohio State Buckeyes, defensive lineman MIchael Bennett joined Levack on Thursday.
Levack asked Bennett if he had a preference of where he wanted to be drafted...Bennett answered...and then Levack tried to sway him to New York...

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