nfl playoffs

Divisional Round Recap
The Atlanta Falcons nearly suffered an epic collapse before rallying, and the New England Patriots continued their dominance. Here's a recap of Sunday's NFL playoff games:
Divisional Round Recap
Baltimore beat Denver in an instant playoff classic, and San Francisco dominated Green Bay in the NFC. Here's a recap of Saturday's NFL action:
Underwater Ray Lewis?
A worker at the Baltimore National Aquarium felt compelled to pay tribute to Ray Lewis by doing his dance under water.  Was the worker bitten by a shark while dancing?
Best NFL Weekend?
I hear so many pundits and fans claim " This is the best weekend for NFL fans" and I have to shake my head and say " Nooooooo." How can 4 games be better then 16 games? Bad trade!
Now before you get all heated sure it's win or go home I get that but not only d…
Wild Card Sunday
The Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens each won in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs on Sunday. Here's a recap of each game:
Lewis' Last Dance
Baltimore Ravens stud linebacker Ray Lewis performed the final pregame dance of his legendary career in the Charm City on Sunday.
Wild Card Preview
The wild-card round of the NFL playoffs begins this weekend, with two games in each conference. Winners from this Saturday and Sunday will advance to next weekend's divisional round. Here's a preview of this weekend's NFL playoff action:

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