Without actual football to watch this summer, the media has decided to pick apart every single action that Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has taken part in over the last few months, in a desperate attempt to avoid actually showing highlights of games that have happened.

Whether the focus was on his dehydration that led him to leave the Manning Passing Academy (and whether or not that dehydration was the result of a few too many adult beverages), his interviews, or his alleged selling of autographs for personal profit, one thing is clear from this summer: we can't get enough of Johnny Football.

But are the allegations of him accepting money in exchange for autographs even a big enough deal to warrant this type of discussion?

Sure, Manziel would be committing a pretty huge NCAA violation if he indeed did this, but is violating a rule that is fundamentally flawed and unjust something to get up in arms about?

Think about it, Manziel was the best individual player in a sporting system that brings in billions of dollars annually from ticket sales, TV deals, merchandise sales and more. In exchange, he received zero dollars, and a free seat in classes that he is not interested in taking. This would be like me getting paid to write this by receiving a toaster, a toaster that I could not use to buy food, fix my brakes, or do anything else with besides make toast, which I don't even like.

Conversely, it is easy to see how a guy that doesn't seem to be able to follow any rules can be worrisome for NFL teams, given the culture of a league that fines you for trivial things such as not wearing the right socks to a game.

So, do you think that the latest scandal in the world of Johnny Manziel is a big deal? Answer the poll question below, and leave us a comment to make your voice heard.

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