The Seattle Seahawks are ready to cut ties with longtime quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and will sign Viking third string dynamo Tarvaris Jackson.  Really Pete Carroll?  Really? Tarvaris Jackson?  What? Was Spergon Wynn not available?


I mean come on!  Take a look at the other quarterbacks in the division.  Sam Bradford.  Derek Anderson (for now).  And Alex Smith.  Now I know Sam Bradford had a great first season last year, but he's a second year quarterback on an improving yet still pretty bad Rams team with no one to throw to.  Derek Anderson and Alex Smith?  Let's be honest.  Those guys were signed so the real quarterback would have someone to play catch with.  Matt Hasselbeck is without a doubt the best quarterback in that division.

Yes, those of you screaming at me right now, I know Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals is all but official.  But with the lockout, Kolb is going to have like three and a half hours (bit of an understatement) to learn an entirely new offense and get in sync with his wide receivers.  Under these conditions I still think Hasselbeck is the best option.  But Seattle will not re-sign Hasselbeck and will sign Tarvaris Jackson, a guy with 24 carrer touchdown passes and 22 interceptions.  Awesome.

Well.  They're a good team.  At least they'll have great players at other positions to rely...Oh.  Wait.  They don't.  They're the Seahawks.  I know you won your division last year, but you still lost more games than you won!  You're below average at most positions, except quarterback!  Until now.  By allowing Hasselbeck to move on to the Titans you are willfully becoming below average at the most important position in sports. But hey, maybe it's a great move, I mean why not?  It's totally a great idea to trade in one of your best quarterbacks in franchise history, a guy who holds a ton of your passing records, for a guy who most readily fits with the Calgary Snow Turkeys or whatever the CFL team is called up there.

Look.  I'm not trying to say that Matt Hasselbeck is Peyton Manning.  We all know he's not.  But he is at the very LEAST an average quarterback and for this year the best QB in the division.  Why, with a shortened pre-season would you let him go and pick up a worse quarterback who has to learn a new offense?  Come on.  Al Davis is saying that you've got to be kidding.  Don't worry though.  Mike Brown of the Bengals is probably on your side, so you're in good company.  Oh.  Wait.

Well, Seattle Seahawks, congratulations.  You're completely baffling decision with your quarterback situation has got me saying:

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