Stop me if you've heard this before: the New York Yankees aren't living up to expectations, and fans are criticizing Aaron Boone for the job he's done as the team's manager.

Unfortunately for fans of the Yankees, it's been the same ol' song and dance for this team for most of Boone's tenure leading the team. He continues to be a perfect representative for the team in the media, and while that's certainly a valuable trait to have, his in-game managerial decisions continue to be hit-or-miss.

If things don't improve in The Bronx with Aaron Boone leading the way, the Yankees would have a very important decision to make.

What would they choose to do next?

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Examining the Candidates to Replace Aaron Boone as NY Yankees' Manager

While reading a piece from FanSided yesterday about three potential replacements for Aaron Boone as manager of the New York Yankees, it got me thinking: who else might fit the criteria for this prestigious position?

There are a few important things to consider when choosing a prospective "heir apparent" to Boone as the club's manager moving forward.

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First and foremost, you need to find a candidate who you could trust to make strong in-game decisions. The biggest recurring criticism of Boone is that, when it matters most, he hasn't always delivered the right decision on behalf of his players.

Then, you have to determine your timeline. Do you need to make a change right now, or will you to wait until this upcoming offseason? Naturally, if you wait until the conclusion of the 2023 campaign, you'll have wasted an entire season, but you'll have more candidates from which you can choose to replace him.

We weighed all of that information, plus more, in our list of ten possible candidates to replace Aaron Boone as manager of the New York Yankees. Check it out below.

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