The Tennessee athletic program and more specifically the football team have been under much scrutiny over the past few weeks after a lawsuit has been filed against them over having a "hostile sexual environment" in favor of the student athletes.

In the lawsuit filed, it was brought to light yesterday that football coach Butch Jones may have known about the sexual assault violations and may have scolded a player for helping out a victim.

Former player Drae Bowles, helped a woman after she had explained she had been sexually assaulted by two football players. Jones allegedly told Bowles that he "betrayed the team" by helping the woman. Jones has since called the accusations false.

After Bowles helped the woman he was approached by players who knew about the situation. Former players Curt Maggitt, Geraldo Orta and Marlin Lane approached Bowles, beating him and causing fights for his actions. Bowles would later transfer to Tennessee-Chattanooga for the following season.

Should this story be proven true, you can bet that there will be an immediate uproar.

How do you think this situation should be handled?

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