Sports fans here in the Capital Region have been through changes, challenges, and loss... and that was BEFORE the COVID-19 pandemic. So when we lost a season of Tri-City ValleyCats baseball to the coronavirus it stung but we've had worse. Then we found out that the MLB wasn't including the Cats in their new vision of the Minors. That felt like the pain we've all been through way too many times of losing one of OUR teams. Luckily that loss didn't last very long. The ValleyCats are now in the Frontier League and with the release of their 2021 schedule, we get our first look at Capital Region baseball fan's new normal.

Some of the differences from this year to seasons past like no longer being affiliated with the Houston Astros or Major League Baseball are already well known. What you might not realize is the Frontier League plays a 96 game season, that's about 20 more games than we're used to. 48 home games for the ValleyCats at Joe Bruno Stadium means more games and more chances to enjoy everything from baseball to fireworks. Speaking of fireworks the Cats will continue a longstanding tradition with a home game on July 4th as the team plays host to Québec July 2nd – 4th. The ValleyCats 2021 season will begin in Ottawa on May 27th and the first home game will be June 4th.

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With vaccine availability on the rise and COVID-19 numbers declining there's no reason to think we won't be able to go to The Joe and enjoy at least some of the 2021 ValleyCats season.

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