The most socially active, competitive and some would say entertaining segment of the week during the week on Levack and Goz show is "Socially Awkward Media"

The weekly segment spotlights the best and worst social media posts from the past week on our show.Some of the posts want answers to burning sports topics, while others, well... don't.

Levack and I encourage you to join in on the conversation during the show either by posting on our official Facebook page ( or by tweeting at us directly (@TheJeffLevack, @TomGozz) It's possible that next Thursday, your post could be read on Socially Awkward Media. Remember to hear the entire list live you can listen online at or on the FREE 1045 The Team app.

This Thursday the show broadcasts back in studio before Levack heads off or a 3 day weekend.

This week's Top 10 list!

Check back after 4pm, to see  out this week's Top 10 list.

Rusty-Nice! What position will you be playing?

Matt-Ramen noodles.

Anthony- I'm actually proud if you sir. Still watching playoffs even though Yankees are done! Bravo!

Joe- Hahahahahahaha. Cry babies everywhere. Yankees don’t belong in playoffs so quit your crying

Buddy-how dare you call them crybabies. The won 20 championships while JFK was alive. Show the proper respect Ron. If that is your real name.

Alexander-You need someone to throw to the DBs in practice.

Michael-He encourages kids everywhere, if he can play in the NFL, so can you!

Matt-Rather have santa claus as my qb

Eric-I word. Trum


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