From starter to backup to out of here. The fall of Wayne Hunter was fast and needed. The Jets are a better football team today, thanks to a trade of underachieving right tackles. The Jets traded Wayne Hunter to the Rams for their former 1st round pick Jason Smith.

Hunter had become the face of a disappointing Jet offense, an offensive line that stopped opening holes for the running game and couldn't keep Quarterback Mark Sanchez upright. I know as a Jet fan, the mere sight of Hunter bothered me.

Say what you want about Jason Smith, but there has to be talent in there someplace. He was the 2nd pick overall in the 2009 draft by the Rams. For now, the Jets say Smith will back up the new starter at RT, Austin Howard, who played well Sunday night in the preseason loss to Carolina.

The Jets will be on the hook for an additional 1.55 million dollars-that being the difference between Smith's salary and Hunters. Any Jet fans balking at that? I didn't think so!

Hunters last appearance was a disaster as well, coming in for the 2nd half at left tackle vs Carolina and surrendering ANOTHER sack. Fans behind the Jets bench really started giving Hunter the buisiness and he had to be restrained by another brutal lineman Vlad Ducasse. Too bad the Rams didn't take both of these stiffs!

Let me give credit to Hunter who made no excuses. Upon learning of the deal Hunter said this: "the whole of New York City knows I have been struggling the last year and the last game I didn't do much better. I was waiting for it to be honest with you."

To be fair, Smith didn't exactly endear himself to Rams fans, playing in only 29 games in 3 years, missing time with 3 concussions. 24 of those 29 games were in a starting spot. Smith ironically was taken 3 spots ahead of Sanchez in the 2009 draft. Now he will be called on to help to keep Sanchez on his feet and productive!

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