When Andy Dalton's last second touchdown pass ended the playoff hopes for the Ravens and clinched the Bills' first trip the postseason since the 1999-2000 season, all of BillsMafia celebrated wildly. One member of the fan base, however, quickly turned his joy into smiles for everyone who benefits from the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation.

Kevin Forrest has been a Bills fan for as long as he can remember. He isn't from Buffalo or even New York state. In fact, he lives in Nebraska where he is surrounded by Chiefs fans for the most part, but the playoff drought affected Kevin as much as anyone living in Orchard Park. When he finally saw that drought end, one of his first thoughts was to thank the Bengals quarterback for helping push the Bills over the top. Kevin didn't send a simple tweet or write something on Facebook he knew Dalton would likely never see. Instead, Kevin made a donation and that spawned a flood of generous acts by BillsMafia showing its gratitude for watching meaningful football in the month of January.

We caught up with Kevin Forrest who, by the way, lives in a Nebraska town which shares its name with a Buffalo suburb, Grand Island:

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