Well Met fans we should be used to this. Came up short again. Well at least the Mets are consistent. What is the losing streak up to now? This time the previous small market Cleveland Indians won the battle to Michael Bourne as the Mets decided that 11th pick in the 1st round was more valuable then a guy who could step right in and help this ballclub and by all accounts wanted to come to New York.

I admit to being a little torn. Those picks are valuable but so is my time and I am investing in an ownership that can't make a decision and when they do it is usually the wrong decision.

The Indians have been crying poverty for years. It shows there is no such  thing as "small market". It sounds nice. good little talking point. But really it should be defined as teams in markets that are serious about winning and teams in markets that hope to win but won't do what is needed to win.

Let me get back to the Mets. They have done NOTHING to improve a bad bullpen except re-arrange the bullpen furniture. Out goes Acosta in comes Lyon. Out goes Rauch and in comes someone named Atchison. A paint job not a reconstruction. The offense? Well it is better by subtraction with Jason Bay taking his pop outs to Seattle. But they lost the very valuable Scott Hairston. Can someone say please move the fences in only in the bottom half of innings!

The strength of this team will be it's starting pitching but that strength is backed up by much weakness. I won't even comment on the bench.

So met fans another player goes by the way side as we are asked to be patient. This while the Nationals improve their bullpen and add a starting centerfielder. The Braves add 2 new outfielders. The Phillies beef up their bullpen.

But hey there is good news Met fans. We will have the Miami Marlins to look down on. I think.


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