Michael Strahan knows football, and specifically, football in New York, better than most people.

A second round pick in 1993, Strahan played all 216 games of his career with the New York Giants, finishing on a high-note with a Super Bowl victory in the 2007 season. Following his retirement, the star defensive end was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and has since gone on to lead a lucrative media career.

I have the utmost respect for Michael Strahan, and though I know he means well with his opinion on Aaron Rodgers, there's multiple reasons why he may be incorrect.

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Giants' Star Believes Aaron Rodgers Would Be a 'Great Fit' in New York

A story from The New York Post shared comments from New York Giants' Hall of Famer, Michael Strahan, who weighed in on the possibility of the New York Jets acquiring Green Bay Packers' QB, Aaron Rodgers.

On the idea of Rodgers coming to New York, Strahan said this:

“Yeah, I don’t think Aaron Rodgers is really scared off by much of anything. He is about as cool and as chill and can handle any situation as anyone. I just think he wants to win, obviously, I think he wants to be in a situation where he feels maybe happy and appreciated. And I think New York definitely would show him that.” - Michael Strahan

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On the state of the New York Jets as they stand, Strahan said this:

"I think that the Jets have a great young receiving corps, they got a running game, I think they have a defense. I think if they’re the team that he can be that missing piece, that would be a good one. I don’t think he wants to go to a team where he’s trying to figure out what they are." - Michael Strahan

My problem here isn't with Strahan's assessment; it's with his conclusion. Aaron Rodgers would not be scared by the magnitude of playing quarterback in New York, and as a matter of fact, he's probably one of the first QBs I would pick for that situation.

Not much seems to faze him, which is a blessing, but can also be a curse.

His assessment of Rodgers' personality is correct, but just because Rodgers wouldn't shy away from the stage, doesn't mean it would be a good fit overall. Rodgers has already stated how much he wants to win another MVP Award, which is a great honor, but should be secondary to winning another Super Bowl.

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The Jets have done extremely well in building the roster around the quarterback position, so why bring in a player who only cares about his own statistics?

It would cost a ton in order to acquire him, and because of his massive salary, the Jets would have to part ways with a number of good players in order to fit Rodgers under the salary cap. When you add Aaron Rodgers, but subtract other players from the equation, is the sum of the parts good enough to win a Lombardi Trophy?

They better be, because otherwise, the trade will set the franchise back years.

On paper, a QB of Rodgers' skill level is the perfect way to take the New York Jets to the next level, but what if it fails? What if he gets distracted by the bright lights of New York City, and does every TV and radio interview possible, but doesn't take enough of an interest in winning football games?

And, why risk ALL of that, when you can acquire Derek Carr for a fraction of the cost, and still have a chance to win in the playoffs? That's the bet I would be making, if I were Joe Douglas.

I am, however, not him, so we shall see where it goes from here.

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