Okay, I will put my cards on the table before you attack. I am not, I repeat, not, a Patriots fan. In fact, their fans will tell you I am a Patriots hater. That is not true either. But, this "investigation" by NFL commissioner/dictator Roger Goodell's staff of investigators on Tom Brady's slide into Ed Reed is laughable.

Just like Ndamukong Suh's alleged kick to the "jewels" of Matt Schaub of the Texans on Thanksgiving day, I say prove it!

I say Brady is awkward, and kind of gawky when running the ball. I say he slides strangely. His leg didn't purposely make contact with Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC championship game this past Sunday and I didn't see a kicking motion.

Today, Brady apologized for the kick. What he is apologizing for I haven't a clue. Make no mistake, though, there was no intention to injure at all. But what bugs me is this "investigation."

How many "investigators" are in on this top level  "investigation?" What will be the sentence if Brady is "found guilty" of this horrific crime?  Will he do time in Roger's sin bin? Will he have to take those laughable "sensitivity" classes? Perhaps he will have to take sliding classes?

I won't drone on about what Goodell is turning the NFL into. Suffice it to say I am not a fan at all. Just the opposite. All one needs to do is fire up the footage of the "kick" in question and see that there is nothing to see. No investigation is needed. It's a joke. My question to Goodell is "will you start in depth investigations if a player claims he was called a name?"

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