Last year Levack, Goz and Closer all put their money where their mouth is and followed it with a boot full of beer. The LG Boot Bet is a chance for us all to compete and you to laugh at how bad we are. Last year Goz won by basically not betting do the rules have changed and the stakes are bigger than ever!

Here are the rules:

Every player must wager at least $10 every time the show is live from the Saratoga Race Course. If any player fails to bet they automatically lose $10. To make a wager official each player must Tweet it out including #LGBootBet.

At the end of the meet the player with the most money in their bank gets a 12 pack of the beer of their choice from the player with the lowest bank. The player with the second highest bank gifts the winner a six pack of the winners choosing.

The player with the lowest bank must drink a boot of beer at the next available live broadcast. Added to this year the loser will also be styled by "Traffic Guy Vinnie" including the brand and amount of cologne Vinnie chooses.

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