It’s official, if there no major league baseball season or a ridiculous 50 game schedule, I will blame it all on the players. That’s who needs to take the blame, and not just some of it, but all of it. The Owners on Monday came back with a more than reasonable proposal where the players would get 75 percent of their prorated salary for 76 games., and they still won’t budge. The greedy players don’t get it, they don’t get that millions are out of jobs right now, and they won’t take a pay cut to play a shortened season. I was waiting for the owners to give up a little more, and that’s exactly what they did. It’s the players who are holding this up.

Kiley McDaniel feels differently and he joined us to discuss the state of Major League Baseball. He has been locked in the MLB Draft as well which will air Wednesday and Thursday on ESPN. To hear his thoughts on all that listen above and for bonus coverage of MLB, listen to Karl Ravech below!

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