What is your biggest fear?

Okay, you don't have to answer that question, but almost everyone has at least one thing that they're extremely afraid of. That kind of irrational fear is called a phobia, and common examples of those include trypophobia, claustrophobia and many, many others.

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An article from PIX 11 in New York City cited information from NewYorkBets.com, which used Google search data to examine which phobias are most commonly seen in New Yorkers. From the fear of spiders, to the fear of vomiting, Empire State residents share a number of very unique phobias.

Scroll below to see which phobias were most-commonly searched by New Yorkers online over the past 12 months, and see which specific one is shared by the most people.

These are New York's Ten Biggest Phobias, What are You Afraid of Most?

Most New Yorkers suffer from some kind of phobia...an extreme or irrational fear...and these ten phobias were searched for most often online.

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