I can hear the fans of the New York Jets now screaming how badly they don't want former Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson as their new coach. So I realize what I'm about to say will ruffle some feathers (eagle pun intended) but Doug Pederson might be the perfect candidate for the new head coach of Gang Green.

There's a saying for people that run sports teams that goes "any manager or GM that listens to the fans is doomed to become one." The point is we as fans don't necessarily understand what makes one coach or player fit with one organization and not another. We submit to the passion of the logo and laundry. We're also known to move in groups where the logic of the fan mob can be off base, to say the least. So hear me out on Doug Pederson before you begin to boo so loudly we all go deaf.

Doug Pederson absolutely botched the last game for the Eagles. What will be known by many as "The Sudfeld Game" was an absolute joke but I have trouble believing he acted alone. He's the fall guy here. So forgetting that game for one second and remembering Pederson is a Super Bowl-winning coach with a history of working with Jets' GM Joe Douglas I think he'd be a great fit.

Pederson was the hot Andy Reid Assistant coach long before Eric Bieniemy. When Pederson got his chance to coach the Eagles they had been transformed into a Chip Kelly team that hardly resembled a typical NFL roster. They drafted Carson Wentz and a year later won a Super Bowl with Wentz looking like An MVP until he gets hurt and then Nick Foles wins SB LII MVP with. It's been a bumpy road since but how much of that is injuries and egos and how much is it because Pederson forgot how to coach?

Doug Pederson will be a head coach in the NFL again and if it's not with the Jets there's a chance Gang Green will live to regret it.

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