The BIlls are looking to bounce back from their Sunday loss to the Bills, and ESPN's Adam Schefter says this is all par for the course with Rex Ryan.

"If they would've come out and won, the bravado would've meant a little more," said Schefter, with 'Armen and Levack, on 104.5 The Team. "But when you lose and you get embarrassed at home when you give up 40+ points to the New England Patriots, that's what happens with Rex - you take the good with the bad. When they're winning, it feels great to talk. When they're losing, you don't want to hear any more."

Ryan has been criticized all week for talking too much before and after the game.

"The way they played in week one against the Indianapolis Colts, everyone was all riled up. They came into the New England game and the expectations were so high. Basically, they got their doors blown off. It was a very discouraging loss for them.

"You have to find a way to bounce back from them and go forward, move ahead right now. This week they play at Miami against the Dolphins, a big AFC East game. You have to find a way to get back on track this week."

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