Last week 1045 The Team ESPN Radio debuted it's newest online feature called "Best Bites". The feature spotlights the best one-two minute clips from Levack and Goz each day. Did you miss some of the best moments from the Levack and Goz? If so check out both the audio and Twitter versions of the best clips of the week.


Tuesday Levack and Goz have an intervention with Traffic Guy Vinnie and his recently bought thirty four bottles of cologne.

  Wednesday The show gets off to an uncomfortable start when Levack and Goz disagree on the way to handle a wrong clip that played during the show.

Thursday  Sports betting lawyer Daniel Wallach tells us when  he believes legalized sports wagering could be coming to New York State.

Friday  Enjoy this visual of our local Yankees producer Taylor Lattimore locking himself out of the studio after ordering pizza






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