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After their embarassing game three loss, the Heat would probably benefit from a different approach. There is chatter coming from Miami that they may move Lebron James to center and start Mike Miller, which would create some intriguing matchup difficulties for the Spurs. Here are some less extreme tweaks that the Heat could make to their offense that might shake them out of their offensive slump.

1. Play through Chris Bosh in the post

I understand that a key component of the Heat’s free flowing, motion offense is Bosh spreading the floor by hitting those 17 foot jumpers. Theoretically, this works. In practice, it has not been. Bosh is shooting a ghastly 35% from the floor in his last five games. When the Heat’s offense stagnates, why not run the offense through Bosh in the post for some stretches? People tend to forget that Bosh was a force around the rim for the better part of the past decade. He almost certainly won’t draw a double team. If you’re a 6-11 NBA All-Star power forward who makes $17 million a year and you can’t knock in a couple jump hooks against single coverage to keep the offense humming, you need to re-evaluate your life.

2. Miller/Battier Balance

Shane Battier vs San Antonio: 6.3 minutes per game. Mike Miller vs. San Antonio: 19.3 minutes per game. Mike Miller is red hot right now. He hasn’t missed a shot in his last two games, and he’s already made nine threes in the series. He also couldn’t guard a folding chair, or even Tracy McGrady for that matter. Battier is ice cold and worn down from playing the Pacers (aka getting into a nightly bar brawl with David West) but as long as he has a pulse, he’ll be a helpful, attentive defender for a team that just gave up 113 points. Erik Spolestra needs to find a more sensible balance for the rotation.

3. Ray Allen/Lebron James Screen Action

The Heat have been using LeBon as an on-ball screener to initiate screen and roll action. They should also consider using him more frequently as a screener off the ball for shooters. Pin down screens for shooters like Ray Allen could result in quick, easy post up chances if the Spurs switch and potentially good looks for Ray Allen if they don’t.

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