Glad to see Major League Baseball suspended pitcher Joe Kelly of the Dodgers for 8 games. While I fully understand the Houston Astros cheated the game, you can’t have pitchers throwing at the heads of their batters this season. Commissioner Rob Manfred said he was going to come down hard if it happened, and he was true to his word. Championship contenders like the Dodgers need to be smart, and Kelly wasn’t being smart. No reason to hurt you’re team, just to make a point. I understand the frustration of the lack of punishment of the Astros but you just can't be messing with peoples livelihoods like that.

TIm Kurkjian joined the show to give us huis take on the Joe Kelly situation and to update us on everything we need to know to get ready. Listen above and to Big Board Sports every weekday from 10 AM to 1 PM!

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