After a disastrous first three games in Boston, the Yankees have allowed an alarming amount of runs to their rival. The Red Sox have scored 38 runs in those three games and many of them have come at the expense of New York's starting pitching.

Going back to the Twins series in the middle of the week, the Yankees have allowed 73 runs in their last seven games and no starter has pitched beyond the fifth inning during that stretch.

Is the sky falling? Is this a sign of what Yankees fans should expect in the playoffs? These last two series are, after all, being played against potential postseason opponents. So, does all of this add up to Brian Cashman showing a desperate hand at Wednesday's trade deadline? It shouldn't.

This is a bad week. A really bad week. But the Yankees' starting pitching hasn't been great all season and a week ago, the Bronx Bombers had the best record in the American League. It just so happens, that the same time the pitching has been a nightmare, the bats have had quiet spells.

Cashman has said he won't sell the farm for the sake of simply making a trade and he won't be held over a barrel even if other teams know the Yankees could feel like there is no choice but to deal for a starter. Let's not forget how good the Yankees were for how long. Before a rough week in a season more than 26 weeks long, this could very well be a blip.

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