Bad news Jets, Bills and fans of any team not named the New England Patriots, Tom Brady has reportedly signed a two year extension. This means that Brady will be the Quarterback of the Patriots through the 2019 season. Sure Brady will be 42 by then but who knows what tricks he'll have up his sleeve by then. The man is already part of two of the biggest controversies of NFL history and now he's staying put for FOUR MORE YEARS!

Take that Peyton Manning while you rest your noodle arm and deal with the fact that even if you don't hang up your cleats this year, you'll be in need of a new team a year after winning Super Bowl 50. Meanwhile Tom Terrific is going to make Roger Goodell and the rest of the league scream "UNCLE" until he's 42!

Financially we don't know much at this point except Brady was set to count for $15 Million against the cap this year and $16 Million next year. So knowing the love affair that Robert Kraft and the Patriots have with Tom Brady he will most likely sign a sweetheart deal saving the club money and basically start decorating his office as part owner of the club in 2020.