This week on "Levack and Wolf" Times Union General Manager Bob Belber discussed the possibility of mixed martial arts and in particular the UFC having an event in the capital region.

Belber said

“I’ve got a conference call that I’ll be participating in with the UFC and we are talking about a possible date for the end of the year. I’ve been working to try and get this approved for I don’t know how many years, and it’s great for the fans of the sport to finally get it to happen. I think we’re going to possibly do one of the first dates in New York. The Garden will have the first date, but I think there’s a good chance that we may be one of the next dates that they host in New York State.”

Levack then followed up and asked Bob a question many fight fans are wondering: How big can we dream?

"I think you can dream pretty big because think about the pent up demand from all the fans that have had to drive a couple hundred miles to see their favorite sport or their favorite fighters. There’s a whole lot of people that are going to want to see the first one, and I think they’ll see they won’t want to come into a venue of our size, which is about under 17,000 seats, so it’s a huge venue for what is going to be one of the most exciting events of the year. I think you’ll see a sellout, it’ll probably be a contender type of event, and I think you’ll see some of the best fighters in the country, but I’m going to leave that announcement to when we finally do work out the final elements of the deal and when the UFC has their card done. I think that’s when the announcement will be a cool thing.”

The UFC has yet to announce any official event for their first fight in New York State.