Every year before the MLB regular season starts the odds makers in Las Vegas set a win total for every team. Like this year the Yankees' total was set at 95.5 wins, the Mets 84.5 and the Red Sox 95.5. Based on the the teams performance pre All Star break the totals are reset. This is a pretty good barometer on just how your favorite team is performing and how your wager might be going if you bet over or under a team's win totals.

Even though the Yankees' record is exactly where it was last year and many people believe this is a better team than last year that won 100 games they stay at 95.5 wins. The Mets however have had a rough first half and they dropped from 84.5 to 77.5 wins. The Red Sox also dropped from 95.5 to 90.5 wins.

The biggest movers are the Twins and Rangers both gaining 10 wins. Twins opened at 84.5 and jumped to 94.5 while the Rangers went from 70.5 to 80.5. The Blue Jays projected win total fell the farthest from 77.5 to 66.5. The full list is below thanks to BetOnline.AG

MLB Win Totals Update
Arizona Diamondbacks 79.5 wins (Opened 77.5)
Atlanta Braves 90.5 wins (Opened 83.5)
Baltimore Orioles 54.5 wins (Opened 60.5)
Boston Red Sox 90.5 wins. (Opened 95.5)
Chicago Cubs 86.5 wins (Opened 88.5)
Chicago White Sox 72.5 wins (75.5 opened)
Cincinnati Reds 77.5 wins (Same)
Cleveland Indians 88.5 wins (Opened 90.5)
Colorado Rockies 81.5 wins (Opened 82.5)
Detroit Tigers 58.5 wins (Opened 67.5)
Houston Astros 99.5 wins (Opened 96.5)
Kansas City Royals 69.5 wins (Opened 60.5)
Los Angeles Angels 81.5 wins (Opened 83.5)
Los Angeles Dodgers 99.5 wins (Opened 94.5)
Miami Marlins 63.5 wins (Opened 65.5)
Milwaukee Brewers 82.5 wins (Opened 84.5)
Minnesota Twins 94.5 wins (Opened 84.5)
New York Mets 77.5 wins (Opened 84.5)
New York Yankees 95.5 wins (Same)
Oakland Athletics 84.5 wins (Opened 83.5)
Philadelphia Phillies 82.5 wins (Opened 84.5; After Harper 85.5)
Pittsburgh Pirates 77.5 wins (Same)
San Diego Padres 80.5 wins (Opened 78.5)
San Francisco Giants 73.5 wins (Same)
Seattle Mariners 68.5 wins (Opened 74.5)
St. Louis Cardinals 81.5 wins (Opened 88.5)
Tampa Bay Rays 89.5 wins (Opened 84.5)
Texas Rangers 80.5 wins (Opened 70.5)
Toronto Blue Jays 66.5 wins (Opened 77.5)
Washington Nationals 86.5 wins (Opened 87.5)

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