Since the College Football Playoffs National Championship was instated in 2014 we've had three different teams win it all. We've also seen the Clemson Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide play for the title three of the five years. Will this be the fourth time Clemson and Bama fight it out to win it all?

Based on odds out of Las Vegas it looks like we could see a rematch. With Clemson and Alabama returning QB's Trevor Lawrence and Tua Tagovailoa respectively they are tied for the favorites to make the playoffs and by that it looks like Vegas thinks they'll be the two top teams yet again.

BetOnline.AG sports book released odds for a couple big programs in College Football "To Make the Playoffs" for the upcoming season.

Based on those odds, you'll see the percentage chance of each team actually making it to the postseason.

Odds To Make College Football Playoffs
YES -250 (67.8% chance)
NO +195

YES -250 (67.8% chance)
NO +195

YES +110 (44.9% chance)
NO -140

YES +300 (23.8% chance)
NO -400

Notre Dame
YES +300 (23.8% chance)
NO -400

Ohio State
YES +160 (36.6% chance)
NO -200

YES +145 (39.1% chance)
NO -175

YES +350 (21.1% chance)
NO -500

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