Vic Dibietto has had enough. In this video he calls Harold and Hank Steinbrenner, owners of the Yankees.

Many have asked what would George do? From ESPN here are some thoughts on that:

Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

According to ESPN, "The '80s George Steinbrenner would have added Joe Girardi to the long list of managers he fired. Despite Girardi's World Series rings with the Yankees, both as a catcher and as a skipper, Steinbrenner would not go for Girardi's constant defending of players, especially when they don't deserve it."

I'll sum up the other moves George might have made:

1-Hire Bobby V., a Brilliant baseball mind
2-Hire seat-fillers-yes the boss would be embarrassed at all the empty
seats and would throw money at the problem.
3-Fire Bobby V.- he would realize he created more problems
than he's worth and fire him.
4-Hire Wally Backman back- he loved to steal glory from the Mets
5-Hire Wally back- I think you know why
6-Rip Ellsbury in the media
7-Fire Wally Backman
8-Make A-rod player manager
9-Put Cashman on notice
10-Go after John Oliver