Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has been overcoming a calf injury, coupled with rehabbing from major knee surgery. ESPN's Adam Schefter explained that perhaps New York fans shouldn't be too optimistic. 

"People think that Victor Cruz is going to be back to the same Victor Cruz again, and he's not," said Schefter, with Armen and Levack, on 104.5 The Team. "I was talking to Stephania Bell, the ESPN medical expert about this; and I think there have been 18 players since the league began charting this who have suffered the type of [knee] injury that Victor Cruz had.  83% made it back, 17% didn’t at all.  Of that 83% that made it back a majority of them only played one season."

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"That’s a serious injury for a wide receiver who relies on his quickness and speed to make a living and how he handles himself going forward we’ll see.  I think he’ll play relatively soon within a couple of weeks at some point, but what is he going to be like and how effective will he be?"

Cruz has told the media multiple times over the last few weeks that he knows Tom Coughlin will not allow him to play if he misses practice this week. With three practices remaining before the Giants play the Cowboys on Sunday night, fans should not be optimistic that Cruz will play in the regular season opener.

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