One week ago, doctors were contemplating whether David Wilson's neck injury was serious enough to end his career. Since then we've learned that the New York Giants starting running back will be out for a month or so.

During this time, he has proven to have way too much time on his hands and obviously not very mature.

Last week, Wilson and teammate WR Rueben Randle (who is also injured) got into a friendly Twitter battle in which they made fun of each others struggles on and off the field. Matters that, quite frankly, Giants fans aren't laughing about.

Then Sunday night, Wilson took to Instagram where he had the caption, "Mann/rabbit #bored I want some Starbucks LMAOO" and then posted two videos of himself with a rabbit head on, one in the City and another from his house.

I understand that Wilson's 22-years old and just having fun. But he's also being paid $6.6 million dollars to represent a struggling New York Giants franchise.

The team is 0-6, it's worst record in nearly 40 years. Perhaps now isn't the best time to post a rabbit head video saying, "Yeah you know I'm a real n*** in the crib, chillin', ya feel me?"

No, David Wilson, we don't feel you at all.

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