Credit: @VinnyGuadagnino

Earlier this week on Levack and Goz the guys were joined by former MTV reality star Vinny Guadagnino. Vinny appeared as a cast member on the wildy popular Jersey Shore from 2009-2012. Vinny along with his mother can now be seen on the Cooking Channel's newest show Vinny and Ma Eat America which airs Tuesday nights at 10pm eastern. Vinny's mother became well known during his Jersey Shore tenure for her prowess when it came to cooking. How did the concept come together for the Guadagninos to join forces for a reality television show? What can we expect Tuesdays at 10pm when the Guadagninos are together? Plus we find out the relationship with Vinny and his other Jersey Shore room mates almost five years removed from the show's series finale. Now that the show's production has ended years ago, is Vinny willing to admit MTV took liberties with one fight or incident in the editing room? Find out more in the interview video below.


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