The rain was falling during Patriots' minicamp over the weekend, and the weather definitely had an impact on the quarterbacks throwing the football.

Well, at least one of the quarterbacks, that is.

There is a highly-anticipated quarterback battle brewing in Foxboro between the incumbent, Cam Newton, and the newcomer, 2021 NFL Draft pick Mac Jones. Newton, a former league MVP, started the lion's share of the games for the Pats last season, in his inaugural year with the team. Jones, a three-year member and one-year starter for the Alabama Crimson Tide, was chosen 15th overall in this year's draft.

We got the chance to see both quarterbacks side-by-side, throwing to *open* receivers over the weekend, and the results were...troubling.

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Here's the video evidence...

For the record, the quarterback wearing No. 50 was Jones, and the man under center wearing No. 1 was Cam Newton.

Now, allow me to preface this by saying, I KNOW that this was selective editing. I'm sure Mac Jones had his fair share of misses, and I'm sure Cam threw his fair share of darts. I'm willing to concede all of this.

But consider this: Cam Newton did NOT look comfortable throwing a football for the large portion of last season. This was especially the case when he returned from injury during the latter half of last season. His throws looked wobbly and inconsistent, and his receivers were often missed, two trends that were reflected in his passing stats from 2020.

It's still early, and I'm sure the weather from the weekend was a huge factor in the efficiency of Jones and Newton. But, if this trend continues, and I'm a Patriots fan, I'm hoping Mac can mature quickly, because you may need to turn to him sooner rather than later.

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