After another lackluster season, the New York Knicks failed to qualify for the 2018 NBA playoffs. For Knicks fans, the focus now shifts to the NBA Draft Lottery in May. The Knicks are hoping the ping pong balls bounce in the right direction and they are able to land a top prospect in June's NBA Draft. What are the chances the Knicks win the NBA Draft Lottery? All of team's odds are listed below.

Team Record Odds for No. 1 pick
Suns 20-61 25.0
Grizzlies 22-59 19.9
Mavericks 24-57 12.1
Magic 24-57 12.1
Hawks 24-57 12.1
Kings 26-55 6.3
Bulls 27-54 4.3
Knicks 28-53 2.3
Cavs (via Nets) 28-53 2.2
76ers (via Lakers) 34-46 1.1
Hornets 35-46 0.8
Clippers (via Pistons) 38-43 0.7
Clippers 42-39 0.6
Nuggets 46-35 0.5


The NBA Draft Lottery will be held on May 15th in Chicago. The NBA Draft is scheduled for June 21st at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.