The Jason Witten ESPN experiment is over... at least for now. Today the once former and now current Dallas Cowboy Tight End announced he was leaving ESPM and returning to the NFL. Witten and the Cowboys have reportedly agreed to a one year $3.5 million deal. This ends a run with ESPN's Monday Night Football that was met with poor reviews and returns the Cowboys one of their all time best offensive weapons.

This isn't great news for the Giants or anyone in a pretty wide open NFC East as Dak Prescott will love throwing to Witten and Amari Cooper. When you factor in the pressure that Witten takes off of Cooper and the fact you now need to account for multiple weapons in the passing game, Zeke Elliot should have more room to run.

"The fire inside of me to compete and play this game is just burning too strong," Witten said in a statement. "This team has a great group of rising young stars, and I want to help them make a run at a championship. This was completely my decision, and I am very comfortable with it. I'm looking forward to getting back in the dirt."

Witten played in 11 Pro Bowls in his 15 years with the Cowboys, becoming the franchise leader with 1,152 receptions, which ranks fourth in NFL history, and 12,448 receiving yards. He also played in more games (239), played in more consecutive games (236), started more games (229) and started more consecutive games (179) than any player in Cowboys history.

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