The Yankees continue to remind us that they still have the money to spend whatever they want - the whole 'staying under the luxury tax' movement was just lip service.


With the top free agent  Robinson Cano still available, the Yankees have agreed to terms with former Red Sox outfielderJacoby Ellsbury.

Three immediate reactions:

3. Ellsbury would be the third highest paid outfielder in MLB history and the fourth highest paid Yankee ever. Are they overpaying? Yes. But they've overpaid for other guys in the past and have 27 World Series titles to show you how much it works. If you have the money, why not go after the guys you want? That's what they've shown us.

2. This doesn't affect the Cano negotiations. Have the Yankees not shown us that they'll do what it takes to get the guys they want? They're playing hard to get right now but as long as Ellsbury isn't playing second base (last time I checked that wasn't the case), the signing has no relation with Cano's free agency.

1. With Ellsbury in center field, expect the Yankees to move Brett Gardener to left, Ichiro will stay in right and Alfonso Soriano to DH. Oh, and Curtis Granderson? Buh-bye. The Yanks gave you a shot with the qualifying offer that you turned down. It appears that Granderson's days with the Yankees are over.