Earlier this month, 1045 The Team's producer Eric Hannamann journeyed to your Europe for a family function. While Eric was there, England was making it's run to a World Cup semi-final appearance. Below is a feature from him explaining his time. Don't forget to catch him Tuesday August 7th and Thursday August 9th co-hosting on Big Board Sports
Fantasy baseball season is in full swing in July and so when I knew I was going to England for my sister's wedding, I knew my life would include an information overload every time I woke up on my 2 week trip (as the games began most nights at midnight). While I was disappointed about not watching much baseball for 2 weeks, I came to the happy realization that I would be in Europe during the World Cup and England was in the semifinal to boot! Now I am back and I decided to share my World Cup adventure throughout England as well as a new fashion movement that I noticed at my trip to Italy. I hope you enjoy the latest addition above of the Sittin' Sportside Podcast!
 Also be sure to listen all the way to the end for a special English treat!


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