Despite an afternoon Yankee game, one of the most popular segments on Levack and Goz will still air tonight. Social media's favorite segment returns this Thursday. Socially Awkward Media, the segment that spotlights the best, worst and the most awkward comments from this past week's social media platforms. At 6pm, Levack and Goz will give their takes on the below list. Plus don't forget each week's Socially Awkward Media is brought to you by the Barber Parlor.


Darrell-Jackie Moon


Peter Peter Tulip Eater-whenever Glayber becomes a free agent. The Orioles should throw every dime they have at him. Or just let him own the team.


Dream Job Chris-the Yankees are planning on capping Germans innings this year. The Verducci effect has German increasing his work load by 60% if he makes 20 starts. Which results in arm injuries with an increase like that


Ryan-not sports but Will Smith is liked by everyone in everything he does


Bargain Cowboys-this is brilliant Goz. C’mon Levack let the Drake hate to, the man is just living his best life.


Amy Trask-Well thank you again - I appreciate that very much - I really do.


Mike in Schenectady-towel


Mike L-The Warriors got hammered.   Gheyvlose tonight. Win in 6?  .  Again.  Don’t take this the wrong way Twitter.   @THEjefflevack will flame your body down.  And @TomGozz will lick your face.  
Vincent-You mean the Coupons... They'll never win until They sell the team


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