Levack and Goz bring back one of the show's most popular segments, Socially Awkward Media.  The segment spotlights the best, worst and the most awkward comments from this past week's social media platforms. Did you make this week's list? Let us know your thoughts on this week's edition.

Donald-My vote is for Monday Meltdowns as it allows for to pick a topic from the previous week and weekend sports events to have his "meltdown" over. Sponsor be Big Dom's as there cheese melts off their pizzas'?

Mike-is there some way somehow we can like every other week bring up a topic to bring Levack into meltdown mode


Casey-Hey y’all can take that L back to Albany and end the series

Tony-you just sound mad that there's another League that's not the NFL, u want this to fail like usfl

The Prophet-MVP baseball 05... best baseball game ever made!

Art-Stick to reporting sports. This is just spreading fear to non hunters

Brandon Stokley-People acting like J Cole is Jay-Z or Dre. Please he ain’t even Master P. N nah n nah

Kory from Greenwich-Makes you wonder, Lebron James going to Zion games. I wonder after Lebron goes to Magic "do what you gotta do to get Zion!" Call the Knicks ask if they want trade picks and Ball, Ingram, or Kuzma!

Scotty-Swore Sausage and Corn was a slang for something not food related. Were you out of easymac? I gotta go. We're having Pancakes and Lettuce for dinner.

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