A new survey released recently asked 232 current Major League Baseball players who the phoniest player in the game was. The results probably won't shock you.

Finishing at number five was Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips. He garnered 5% of the vote. I personally never got this impression. He plays hard, intense, and with a smile.

Finishing in fourth place in the phony poll is San Francisco Giants injured pitcher Brian Wilson. Interesting choice. He tallied 9%.

In third place on a list you don't want to be on is Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan. He tallied 11% of the 232 players surveyed.

The top two are Yankees and I totally agree with the top choice. At number two is Nick Swisher. He finished at 14%.

The "winner" is Yankee Alex Rodriguez. I totally agree with this. Total fraud. Total fake. A-Rod finished the contest with 26%. Congrats A-Rod!

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